PURE “Prison of Flesh and Bone”


Bornyhake (the prolific black metal mind behind Borgne, Astral Silence, Enoid, and many others) returns with his solo project “Pure”. The new album “Prison of Flesh and Bone” continues his no-nonsense approach to black metal; raw and cutting in the same direction as Finnish greats, although this time with an even more depressive and tormented approach. FFO: Horna, Sargeist and Judas Iscariot.

Country: Switzerland
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Year: 2023
Genre: Black Metal


1. Prison of Flesh and Bone
2. I’m Trapped in This Hell
3. Until the Light Begins to Win
4. The Mirror Shows Only Confusion
5. I’m Just a Shadow in the Night
6. A Life That’s Now Forever Dimmed
7. I’m in a Never-ending Maze

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