PURSUING THE END “Symmetry of Scorn”


“This release was a huge departure from their EPs, as it featured more of a melodic death metal sound, this time with the two lead vocalists at the forefront of the music, and with the symphonic elements reduced, and at times replaced by electronic effects and dance beats. A second album is currently being recorded.”

– Biography by DippoMagoo from MetalMusicArchives.com

Country: Italy
Label: Bakerteam Records
Year: 2013
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

1. The Last Truth
2. Something Remains
3. Cage of Hypocrisy
4. From the Ashes
5. In Vain
6. Mercyful Vengeance
7. Human Revulsion
8. Out of Control
9. Symmetry of Scorn
10. Changes

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