RAGEHAMMER “Into Certain Death”


The long anticipated second full-lenght from Polish war machine Ragehammer! Jewelcase CD with 16-page booklet.

Following up to 2016’s “The Hammer Doctrine”, the sophomore album consists of 10 slabs of sonic violence with variable pain levels in the characteristic sincere and brutal blackened thrash metal style which continues the path Ragehammer chose when starting in 2011. Album was recorded, mixed and mastered by M. at No Solace Studio, cover paining by Devinez.

Recommended for fans of Destroyer 666, Impaled Nazarene, Aura Noir, Witchmaster, Nifelheim and old school metal in general.

Country: Poland
Label: Pagan Records
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Year : 2020

1. Beneath the Red Suns
2. We Are the Hammer
3. Jesus Goat
4. Peace
5. Na pewną śmierć
6. 616. TerrorKorps
7. Fear Toxin
8. Omega Red
9. Dragon City
10. Prophet of Genocide Part II (Mother Winter Eternal)

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