SINMARA “Hvisl Stjarnanna” [digipak]


Icelandic Black Metal titans Sinmara return with their highly anticipated sophomore album “Hvísl Stjarnanna”.Musically the album sees the band further progress the style previously touched upon on their latest MLP ‘Within the Weaves of Infinity’ which saw the band infuse their chaotic and forceful Black Metal with a melodic richness which harkens back to traditional forebearers of the Scandinavian style. On ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’ Sinmara reveals a mournful and nostalgic atmosphere and soundscapes steeped in more grandeur than they’ve crafted to date, but yet showcasing serpentine harmonies permeated by the same malefic venom as has come to be expected of the band.

Country: Iceland
Label: Ván Records
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Apparitions
2. Mephitic Haze
3. The Arteries of Withered Earth
4. Crimson Stars
5. Úr kaleik martraða
6. Hvísl stjarnanna

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