Re-edition of debut SLAUGHTBBATH album “Hail To Fire” which brings nine raw, satanic, blasphemous, hateful hymns. 35 minutes of a tarry mix of blackened death metal forged in the old school underground metal. Ominous, bleeding songs destroy the prevailing dogma, burn religious symbols, unleash hellish war against the modern world and turn into ashes human frailties.
This hellish FIRE will destroy everything on its path! Issue in a standard jewel-case, gold CD !

Country: Chile
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal

1. Awakened to Slay
2. Dethroned, Burnt and Spat Upon
3. True Power Knows No Mercy
4. Impale Them
5. Doomsday Cenotaph
6. Blackburn
7. Burn the Traitors
8. Hail to Fire
9. Barbaric Cruelty Reigns

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