UGANGA “Opressor”


European version of 4th full-length Uganga album. Thrash/crossover straight from Brasil! „Opressor” contains 13 to the point tracks enclosed in a bit over 40 minutes. Vocalist of Uganga – Manu “Joker”, used to be a member of Sarcofago in their early years. In addition to original tracks of the band a cover of Volcano was recorded featuring a guest appearance from Murillo Leito (Genocidio).
Album is released as a jewel case with a 8 page booklet.

Country: Brazil
Label: Defense Records
Year: 2017
Genere: Thrash/Groove Metal

1. Guerra
2. O Campo
3. Veredas
4. Opressor
5. Moleque de Pedra
6. Casa
7. L.F.T.
8. Modus Vivendi
9. Nas Entranhas do Sol
10. Aos Pés da Grande Árvore
11. Noite
12. Who Are the True? (Vulcano cover)
13. Guerreiro

You may listen HERE

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