VORNAT “Vornat”


Second pressing now available. This time printed on glossy paper otherwise music and lay-out identical to the first pressing.
After being in the works for years Breath of Pestilence is extremely proud to finally present this CD release compiling the following Vornat material: “The Flame of Satan” demo from 1994, “Gjotnejm” demo from 1996 and the never before fully released Promo2002. All material has been remastered for this release. True Finnish Black Metal.
Comes with a 16-page booklet containing photos and lyrics including two originally handwritten lyrics by the old Vornat vocalist Insane Apollyon/Ahriman (r.i.p).

Country: Finland
Label: Breath of Pestilence
Gener: Black Metal
Year : 2023

4. The Flame of Satan
5. The Eighteenth Key
6.Prelude to Hate
7.Into the Nightly Sky
8.Sword of a Thousand Funerals
10.Unholy Evil One
11.Massacre of Life and Death
12.Serpent Revival
13. Omen

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