WARFIST “The Devil Lives in Grünberg”

“The Devil Lives in Grünberg” is a debut full-lenght of degenerates from Warfist hailing from Zielona Góra.
Expect nothing but the filthy, foul and blasphemous mixture of blackened thrash metal with a rock’n’roll feeling, which was band’s trademark on their previous releases.
Album contains 11 songs of pitch black old school in vein of old Bathory, Sodom, Venom or Motörhead.

Country: Poland
Label: Total War / U.B.M.F
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2018

Side A

1.Bestial Attack
2.The Fire of Our Wrath
3.The Silent Assassin
4.1665 – The Last Pyre
5.Thrash Through the Night

Side B

7.Black Mass Ritual
8.Ironfist Commando
9.Vengeance from Hell
10.The Damned
11.The Devil Lives in Grünberg

You may listen HERE

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