WARTÖDD “Pagan Pride/Jaskiń Pustki Zew” [digipak]


Majestic and proud heathenish opus inspired by the most elemental forms of evil!
12 cold proclamations of true raw metal including demo “Jaskiń Pustki Zew” (for the first time on CD !) and cover of GRAVELAND “The Night of Fullmoon”.
Simple but effective riffs create such a dark and intense ambience of abandoned cementaries, fusty basements and forsaken forests…
Mighty underground act to praise an old vein black metal! Revere the unholy eternal flame!

Country: Poland
Label: Dark Omens Production
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. Quintessence Of Darkness
3. Unholy Eternal Flames
4. Pagan Pride
5. The Night Of Fullmoon (Graveland cover)
6. Waldwölfe
7. Into A Battle
8. Nocturnal Mist
9. Outro
10. Jaskiń Pustki Zew
11. Tarcza I Miecz
12. Nazarejska Dziwka

You may listen HERE