WERESOUL “Weresoul”


Rituals (Sauron, Narrenwind, Yarn of the Wicked) and Wormwood (Eerie) join forces under the banner of Weresoul.
Thus a new universe is born, hosting endless evil-ridden tales – soaked in the essence of the Twilight Zone.
Weresoul’s self-titled debut album presents 6 of them. Each of them
carrying its own piece of horror and darkness. Stories from the very
edge of nowhere, where demons and devils always get their last laugh!

Country: Poland
Label: Malignant Voices
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Requiem for a Weresoul
2. The Beast
3. Hexit
4. Eight Houses of Might
5. Til Nothing Remains
6. Shell Trader

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