WITCHMASTER “Masochistic Devil Worship”


Classic, second album from Witchmaster! “Masochistic Devil Worship” consists of 11 tracks of raw and extreme thrash/black metal. The album comes out with a sick and bloody layout. Not for the weak!

Country: Poland
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2002
Genere: Thrash Black Metal

1. Pain in Progress
2. Ultimate Satanic Sacrifice
3. Obedience
4. Blood Bondage Flagellation
5. Masochistic Devil Worship
6. W.U.R. 64
7. Necroslaughter
8. Death Fetish
9. Fuck Off And Die
10. Bitchmaster
11. Whipstruck Orgasm
12. Goathorn Witchfuck
13. Transgression
14. Daemonomania
15. Satanic Lust
16. Blasphemer

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