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MASTER are one of the most well known and longest running Death Metal acts on the planet.
The last, highly successful, MASTER album “The Witchhunt” (2013) was already released via the German cult label FDA Rekotz / Soulfood Music and so will the new masterpiece “An Epiphany Of Hate”.
“An Epiphany Of Hate” was produced at Shaark Studios in Czech Republic.

Country: United States
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2016
Genre: Death Metal

1. Subdue the Politician
2. Fiction Soon Becomes Reality
3. Face Your Fear
4. Just Be Yourself
5. Just Take My Right Arm
6. An Epiphany of Hate
7. It’s Clearly Eden
8. The People of the Damned
9. Senses All Will Be Controlled
10. Red Alert
11. Murderous Insights
12. The Face of Independence

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