EMPHERIS “The Return of derelict of Gods”


After more than a decade, EMPHERIS will devastate the Maniacs with sounds of “The Return Of Derelict Gods”. 41 minutes of furious and aggressive Blackened Thrash Metal spitting with its uncompromising and old-fashioned approach to the face of the new pseudo-metal. And it’s all in Devilish Dark, Lovecraftian atmosphere. Album is released in a standard box on a CD.
All copies are manually numbered.

Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2019
Genre: Blackened Death/Thrash Metal

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1. The Beginning
2. Rot No More
3. Testimony of Frozen Soul
4. Black Mirror
5. Torn by Aeons
6. In the Name of the Unholy Spirit
7. Palladium in Fire
8. The Black
9. Eternal Flame Is Burning
10. Necromantic

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