ARKONA An Eternal Curse Of The Pagan Godz


Originally released in 1994 on tape, “An Eternal Curse Of The Pagan Godz” see the light again.
ARKONA can be considered a Polish Black Metal legend and this album represents the first step of their long journey towards the throne made of majestic and highly cold pagan atmospheres.
Definitely a must have for any Black Metal fan.


Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2022
Genre: Black Metal

1. From Depth of Hell’s Fire into the Infinited War  
2. Only True Belief (Confession of the Faith)  
3. Long Hard Winter  
4. In the Shadow of Dying Willows  
5. Under the Arms of Lucipher  
6. Frost Wind from the Land of Immortal Hatred  
7. Barbarian Fire on the Whirlwind Hills  
8. An Eternal Curse of Pagan Godz  
9. The Infinited War

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