DEATHCULT “Cult of the Goat” [digipak]


Occult black metallers DEATHCULT clearly get the basic idea of ​​evil on their new album. The album is full of darkness, dirt and pus. it recalls the endless swamp full of rotting drowned bodies. It pull you down into its mind with each next listening and you want to go down the nihilism. I like sad sounds of guitars and raw mood of the record. “Cult Of The Goat” is like reading from the old spiritual books. It is crawling slowly like a snake waiting for its victim. During the common meetings I’m bewitched, cursed, expelled from this world. I’m walking in the beyond, I’m soaking up the grey atmosphere and I’m looking forward to the next song. Black metal in this way will do well to all who loves the other world. Death is really close! It gives you its hand and you take up. This occult seance was succeeded! Dark, black metal record, which invokes souls of long dead. Great!

Deadly Storm

Country: Norway
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. Climax of the Unclean
2. Bloodstained Ritual
3. Ascension Rite
4. Man Versus Beast
5. The Oath
6. Devilgoat
7. Laudate Hircum

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