FURIA “w Śnialni”


Following on from their 2016 critically acclaimed album “Księżyc Milczy Luty”, Polish nekrofolk act Furia have announced their next material. Entitled “W Śnialni” (which roughly translates to “the dream room”) the musical work, which draws comparisons to a musical drama in style, is released on 21 February 2021 via Pagan Records.

Recorded 3 November 2019 in the painting studio of Urszula Broll and Andrzej Urbanowicz in Katowice. Guest appearances: actors involved with, among others, the National Old Theatre in Kraków and a miners’ orchestra.

„Our goal was something on the border of a radio play / theater of imagination and a music album…” – says Nihil.

Get ready to get lost in the labyrinth, the apocalypse is already going on…

Country: Poland
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal/Experimental

1. Wesele w Śnialni
2. Tancowały chochoły Wyjawienie

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