DEGIAL “Predator Reign”


›Predator Reign‹ is an intonation of the devil’s wrath and it is a lesson in how Death Metal has to sound and how it is to be presented. A 39 minutes ride of perfectly skilled and performed furiousity. A top notch production by Mersus in the Underground-Studio and a straight but bewitching artwork by Paolo Girardi and Erik Danielsson leave no questions unanswered. Gasp for air within a pure maelstrom of crushing riffs, drum-explosions, solo-shredding and bestial vocals. Moreover among all this madness the band is still able to create mindripping harmonies that will haunt your dreams.

Country: Sweden
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Death Metal

1. Predator Reign
2. Thousand Spears Impale
3. The Savage Covenant
4. Crown of Fire
5. Devil Spawn
6. Hellstorm
7. Heretical Repugnance
8. Annihilation Banner
9. Triumphant Extinction
10. Clangor of Subjugation

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