DRUJ “Chants to Irkalla”


Druj resumes their malevolent rituals with their first full-length record, a set of extreme metal incantations roiling and oozing with blight. The album pulse and churns with the creative forces of the Babylonian gods themselves, cascading over the listener like like a primordial sea.
For as crushing as the album is, there is a spiteful life to it as well, a lurking presence slouching towards it’s conclusion like a nameless beast captivating the gaze of any who dares enter its presence. Not content to constrain themselves entirely within the bounds of death metal, Drug’s music is blackened and sludgy, a mire without end, dizzying and wretchedly mystical. Much the like the underworld of Sumerian myth itself, once Druj envelops you, there will be no return.

Country: United States
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2018
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

1. Ziggurat Ablaze
2. He Who Drinks of Namma
3. Chants of Irkalla
4. Consort of Sin
5. Invoke
6. Ashes of Immortality

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