EWIGES REICH “Nur Frei Bei Nacht” [digipak]


“Nur frei bei Nacht” stays loyal to the band’s origins and delivers nothing but pure, impellent black art driven by mercilessly roaring strings, relentlessly pounding drums and a remarkably aggressive voice. No fancy attempts, no flamboyant use of symbols or whatever, just a pure, straight and effective primordial Black Metal onslaught.
This being said, there’s nevertheless no denial that “Nur frei bei Nacht” feels different, more personal, more mature, more atmospheric than any of the band’s previous works. It holds a certain sinister dignity while maintaining strong ferocious authenticity, perfectly balancing both to convey the very same enthralling thrills that we all are obsessed by.
Aggressiveness and melancholy as mutual blazing shadows to welcome night & death and embrace the ineffable mysteries that darkness provides.

Country: Germany

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Records
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2015

1. …nur frei bei Nacht
2. Des Wanderers letzte Ruhestätte
3. Sklaven des Lichts
4. Was sein soll
5. Das Erwachen des Leidens
6. Heilige Nächte
7. Wahrer Hass

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