FORNACE “Pregnant Is the Night” [digipak]


Traditional Black/Death Metal with a touch of 80’s metal influences, also inspired by old Rotting Christ, Varathron, Denial Of God, and Mystifier! A band that has had several line-up changes and has been honing it’s craft since 2000!!! This is masterpiece of vicious Black/Death Metal with killer atmosphere and some really nice bass work as well which adds to the overall spirit of the album. This band is truly devoted to the root of Black/Death Metal.

Country: Italy
Label:  Au-To-Dafe
Year: 2012
Genre: Black/ Death Metal

1. Fog Between the Coffin (Intro)
2. The Warp of Blood
3. Through the Eyes of the Ancient Wolf
4. A Whisper from the Dust
5. Pregnant Is the Night
6. 1906 – 1986 A Horror Story (The Salamander’s Wool)
7. The Flauro’s Revenge
8. Nodo Indissolubile

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