All the way from Iran To Norway, From The Vastland has now signed a new contract with Immortal Frost Production for the release of their fourth full length album “Chamrosh”.
More aggressive than before, even faster than before and filled with pure hate. From The Vastland is a one-man band with a full line up of members
from Den Saakaldte, Keep of Kalessin, ex-1349, ex-Gorgoroth and other ambitious projects.

Country: Iran/Norway
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2016

1. Wizarsh
2. The Malkusan Witch
3. Kresaspa & Seven Daevas
4. Chamrosh
5. Saurva, Demon of Hunger
6. I & My Serpents
7. Mardazma

You may listen HERE

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