GODDEFIED “Inhumation of Shreds (Complete Recordings 1991-2009)”


“This compilation of all the material that Goddefied ever recorded is indeed a small yet worthy piece of Death Metal history itself. From the raw-sounding “Assembly of the Damned” demo recorded in an amateur-ish local studio in 1991 (only 100 copies pressed) under the band´s early inception as Enshrined, to the 2009´s “Remnants of the Art” EP on Blood Harvest, and through the cult and highly sought-after 1993´s “Abysmal Grief” EP on Wild Rags Records (actually recorded at Sunlight Studio and produced by Mr. Skogsberg), Goddefied take you on a nostalgia trip back to a time when the “buzzsaw” guitar tone reigned supreme and thousands of worldwide fans gave in to Swedish Death Metal.”

Country: Sweden
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2024
Genre: Death Metal

1. Benediction
2. The Realm
3. Assembly of the Damned
4. Zephaniah Dwells
5. Resurrections Beyond
6. Abysmal Grief
7. Blaspheme in Blood
8. Zephaniah Dwells
9. Abysmal Grief
10. Spiritually Deceased
11. Left to Die
12. Inhumation of Shreds
13. Devoured
14. Remnants of the Art
15. Zephaniah Dwells
16. Do the Zombie
17. King of Disease
18. Soul Bleeder
19. Spiritually Deceased

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