KOGE “The Arch of Misery Pt. I”


Mystical and lunar Black Metal from Germany with the personal signature of Nachzehrer (REGNUM). All complete demo recordings, divided in two parts, named “The Arch of Misery”. Total 35 tracks in 2 h. and 25 min. playing time of pure Black Metal enriched with deep atmospheric ambient reflections to the whole spectrum.
A minimal yet strong meditation of death and a sole wandering through nocturnal visions.

Country: Germany
Label: Nykta Records
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2018

1. Mysterium (intro)
2. Dwell
3. Vault
4. Crescent
5. Dead Ember Stars
6. Moonmagic
7. Nebular Wandering I
8. Significance
9. North
10. Nebular Wandering II
11. Castle
12. Ghost Lights
13. Crypta (outro)
14. Culling
15. Bloodletting
16. As the Funeral Torches Gleamed
17. Nebular Wandering III

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