XAOS OBLIVION “Black Mountains Spirits”


XAOS OBLIVION ‘s brand new album continues a cold and epic journey of nature black mysiticism! Being the project’s fourth work since 2008, it would be more suitable to use some words of its creator (also participated in well known hordes like: Demonic Slaughter, Abusiveness, Perdition (now Blaze of Perdition), Egzekwie, Sytris, Xaosis etc.) to describe this piece of art in the most appropriate way:
“Working on “Black Mountains Spirits”, I tried to put in form a possessed, chilling and dark side for some of my thoughts and emotions that surrounded me in my travels through the darkest places & forests in Poland. It was some kind of “exorcism” for me both spiritually and physically.”
Balancing between black and doom metal elements, “Black Mountains Spirits” album manages to create a unique atmosphere and leads you in a rampant sequence of sorrow & nostalgia, of lost pride & renaissance.

Country: Poland
Label: Nykta Records
Genre: Black Metal / Ambient
Year : 2014

1. Black Cave Prayer
2. Of Mists and Spirits
3. Paths
4. Wyryte na kamieniach (Carved on the Stones)
5. Wind (Endtime)

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