NECROMONARCHIA DAEMONUM “Death Tunes: We call the Darkness”


Contains the last 3 Demos of the finnish Horde. Bestial Black/Death/Doom Metal with members of Witchcraft and Ceremonial Torture.

Country: Finland
Label: Astral Nightmare Productions
Year: 2020
Genre: Black/Doom Metal

1. Anno Dracul
2. Mystigmata
3. Crucifixions Under a Mass of Darkness
4. Her Sombre Funeral Lament
5. Livid Presence of a Voice of Hell
6. Necroerotica the Witches Shrine
7. Media Nox Funeralis
8. Bloodlust & Witchcraft
9. Moonglow Gothician
10. Introductio Morituri Te Salutamus
11. Stygian Devilry, Second Baptism
12. Coven Lecherously Feast My Flesh
13. Burning Chalices of the Last Vomit of Blasphemy
14. At the Nights Graves Solitude
15. Outro Mortuus Exordium

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