OBSCURE INFINITY “Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness”


Dawn Of Winter“ in 2010, „Putrefying Illusions“ in 2012 and again two years later it’s time to unleash OBSCURE INFINITY’s 3rd. full lenght album named „Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness“.

The band is more than proud of the result. Guitarist Stefan:
„Yet the journey isn´t over but found its interstation in „Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness“, an album that required our total devotion and dedication. Liberated from stereotyped thinking we took one step further into the dark corners of ourselves and created a more somber, atmospheric, brutal and musically ambitious piece of art. It may sound overblown but we are totally satisfied with the result in all issues considering songs, sound and artwork. Without a doubt our by far best work up to date.“

Country: Germany
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Death Metal

1. Entering the Hall of Eternity (Intro)
2. Sorcery of the Black Souls
3. Expiration of the Lost
4. The Uttermost Descent
5. A Forlorn Wanderer
6. Into the Undertow
7. Descending into Nothingness
8. From Odium and Disease
9. Beyond Spheres and Time

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