ONDSKAPT “Dödens Evangelium”


When this child of death and perversion was founded, no specific genres were in mind, merely devilry was our polestate when producing the very first words and tunes.
Since we sincerely don’t give a fuck about categorizing something based on our deepest beliefs, we should not spend too much time speaking about the fact that this music exists through The Evil One and NEVER vice-versa!
Our goal is to let you, the listener, truly feel the atmosphere and mysterious meaning behind it all.
Listen to our music and find inspiration; after all, that’s the whole point behind it. We believe in the innumerable figures of evil in the world, manifested in countless ways. The Devil’s mysteries are too many to fully mention, for they are not for us to find out.

Re-issue in crystal jewel case, 12 page booklet., full-color on 135g art paper, all assembled and sealed.

Country: Sweden
Label: Osmose Productions
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Djävulens ande
2. Feeding the Flames
3. Revelations of Another Time
4. Lord of All Unclean Spirits
5. Akilkarsa
6. I Kristi skugga
7. Fienden hungrar
8. Interlude
9. The Fires of Hell
10. Blessed by Demoniac Wrath
11. Beast of Death
12. Witch

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