THE COMMITTEE “Utopian Deception”

In 2020, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, THE COMMITTEE returns to the scene to add another chapter to their history book.
“Utopian Deception” is a new story that leads into the depths of the human mind where social engineering prevails.
Accompanies THE COMMITTEE on a journey whose path is marked by the double standards, manipulation and twisted euphemisms of a new modern world.
From the depths, the sick arms of evil and misery rise up to create a new world.
A barbarian into which humanity is being thrown, leaving behind only scorched earth and brittle bones. THE COMMITTEE welcome the future today.

Country: International
Label: Folter Records
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Awakening – Unimaginable
2. Lexi-Con – Radical
3. Infection – Sensible
4. Harrowing the Sane – Popularization…
5. Ossification – Law
6. Ashes – Norm

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