SIGRBLOT “Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest)”


After half a decade of silence, the debut album is finally completed and released, drenched in the darkness that covers our world. Raw, chaotic yet still sophisticated and thought-out metal forged with folkish atmosphere and lyrics in a philosophical vein.

Country: Sweden
Label: World Terror Committee
Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal

1. Opening Mass (Let Us Pray)
2. Krigspsalm
3. Manifest (Blood Religion Part II)
4. Chaos Prayer; Deus Bellum
5. Crisis of Faith
6. Döende generations dom
7. Ödesjord
8. Blodsband
9. Hirdsång
10. Folkstorm
11. Sacrament (Blood Religion Part I)
12. Endtime Communion

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