SLAUGHTBBATH “Alchemical Warfare”


From the first seconds the long-awaited second album of the Chilean horde strikes in all holiness by merciless hurricane of hatred. “Alchemical Warfare” rips by wild riffs, destroys by furious solos, crushes bones by drums. Nine tracks mixed in alchemicals spells cauldron perfectly match Black / Death / Thrash to brutally deal with listeners. Perfect underground dirty sound that fully reflects all elements of the songs. The album released on a gold CD will not disappoint old SLAUGHTBBATH maniacs.

Country: Chile
Label: Old Temple
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2020

1. Ritual Bloodbath
2. Resuscitated by Immortal Scorn
3. Cavern of Misanthropy
4. Prophetic Crucifixion
5. Rejoined into Chaos
6. Alchemical Warfare
7. Amulets of Carnage
8. Celestial Overthrow
9. Ascension to the Dragon’s Throne

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