SORCIER DES GLACES “Un Monde De Glace Et De Sang”


Cold Primitive Metal from Quebec, Canada.
“Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” is the 8th studio album by the band. They masters their cold primitive metal sound with freezing melodies, haunting atmosphere, that paints black and white landscapes from the ancient times. Album title means “A World of Ice and Blood”. Sorcier Des Glaces continue to express their strong hate against humanity, in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has regained its due over Men.

Country: Canada
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Crossing the Haunted Forest
2. Night-Dark Winds of Evil
3. La couronne des mille hivers
4. Un monde de glace et de sang
5. (Return to the) Primitive Grandeur
6. The Warlock (Necromantia cover)
7. L’éternelle majesté des montagnes (partie II)
8. La couronne des mille hivers (partie II)


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