THIRST “…Darkness…”


Available after 23 years. Re-issue of the first demo MC of one of the oldest and longest
active hordes in polish black metal. This CD perfectly captures the atmosphere of the very begginings of polish BM scene of the ’90s. Music inspired by Hellhammer, Bathory or Samael, with great Thirst’s author’s ideas.

Country: Poland
Label: Dark Omens Production
Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal

1. Call from the Grave
2.Eternal the Cult…Elizabeth Bathory
3.Black Monk
4. …Darkness…
5. Everything Tremble Separatery
6. Eternal Out Lord Sits On It
7. Only Moon (Live ’92)
8. Nightlife (Live ’92)
9. Born from Hate… (No vocals reh. version ’96)

You may listen HERE