VARATHRON “The Crimson Temple”


With a sound characterized by epic atmospheres, progressive immersion and an old-school diehardness, “The Crimson Temple” marks the seventh installment from Greek trailblazers VARATHRON, known to be amongst the pioneers of the Hellenic Black Metal genre.

Country: Greece
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2023
Genre: Black Metal

1. Ascension
2. Hegemony of Chaos
3. Crypts in the Mist
4. Cimmerian Priesthood
5. Sinners of the Crimson Temple
6. Immortalis Regnum Diaboli
7. To the Gods of Yore
8. Shrouds of the Miasmic Winds
9. Swamp King
10. Constellation of the Archons

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