EMBRIONAL “The Devil Inside”


Twelve new tracks comprise contents ” The Devil Inside ” are even more obscene , profane Death Metal face of the band , precisely targeted in all holiness of earths vale . Schizoid sound horror, heavy and brutal, technically sophisticated , but still full of atmosphere communing with unnamed evil where devastating blasts mix with hypnotic slowdowns and unconventional rhythmic solutions, scream with whisper and groans of the damned,
and sick harmonies with the whole legacy of death metal tradition.

Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2015
Genre: Death Metal

1. The Devil Inside
2. Evil’s Mucus
3. Funeral March
4. The Abyss
5. Sadness
6. In Darkness
7. (Behind) The Mask of Sanity
8. 910
9. Madman’s Curse
10. Callousness
11. Venom
12. Whores, Drugs and Brain Dead

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