INFERNAL WAR “Redesekration”


Second album from Polish Black/Death Metal extremists Infernal War.
Murderous, cold-blooded and unscrupulous black/death metal genocide prevails on the sophomore longplay by totalitarian Polish crew: intense, fast and aggressive run, smart composing, catchy and precise techniques knock out as effectively as the most violent Angelcorpse and Marduk disks do, let alone the guest vocal appearance by Peter Helmkamp and Mikołaj Żentara; stylistically this ferocious ensemble has not moved an inch from their extreme path chosen, yet the effort put into fully justifies such a decision!

Country: Poland
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2007
Genre: Black Metal


1. Prelude to Infernal Purification (Intro)
2. Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus
3. Shatterer of Liberty
4. Redesekration
5. Radical (Kill the Peace!)
6. Regime of Terror
7. Heretic Victory Ascending
8. Extirpate
9. Death’s Evangelist
10. Branded with Sacred Flames of Gehinnom
11. The End of Time (Outro)

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