LEGION / PERUNWIT “Demo 1’1994 / “Lzy I Krew”


The classic split that originally release on tape back in 1994 by DEAD CHRIST COMMUNE now officially on CD.
An epic of Pagan Darkness and Slavonic hatred directly from the heart of THE TEMPLE OF FULLMOON.

Country: Poland
Label: Witches Sabbath
Year: 2022
Genre: Black Metal

1. Legion- War Against Christianity
2. Legion- The Forest of Werewolves
3. Legion- Blood on My Knife
4. Legion- Warriors of Fullmoon
5. Perunwit – Intro – Rugia, Anno 1168
6. Perunwit– Czar Wojny I Stali
7. Perunwit– Duch Minionych Epok
8. Perunwit– Bol Nienawisci (Gdy Chrzescijanski Micez Przebije Piers)
9. Perunwit – Wilczy zew

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