ODRAZA “Rzeczom”


Odraza dedicate “Rzeczom” to themselves, the authors. It is a diary; excerpts from our lives and the lives of the people once close to us come across the words by the authors that inspire us. It is about myths, about projections, appearances and fear we fight, and the legacy we cannot deny. It is also about the lie – after all, it is but us who decide how many of those memories reflect what has never been.

Country: Poland
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Schadenfreude
2. Rzeczom
3. W godzinie wilka
4. …twoją rzecz też
5. Długa 24
6. Świt opowiadaczy
7. Młot na małe miasta
8. Najkrótsza z wieczności
9. Bempo
10. Ja nie stąd

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