POISONED “Beyond the gates of Fire”


First album from this Polish Death/ Thrash Metal band. Obviously very influenced by the ’80’ies, the music has that vibe, which you can find on albums like “Seven Churches”, “Hell Awaits” or “Darkness Descends”, it also reminds me of VADER’s “Necrolust” demo and some more old Polish early 90s demos.
Well worth checking out for fans into those bands/ recordings!
limited to 500 copies

Country: Poland
Label: Fallen Temple
Year: 2016
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

1. Reign of Cruelty
2. The Despot
3. Extermination Command
4. Czarny anioł (Thrasher Death cover)
5. Legacy of the Lie
6. Beyond the Gates of Fire
7. Re-birth through Suffering
8. Violent Termination
9. Reaper’s Wrath

You may listen HERE

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