“In Death” is the successor to “Black Testement” from 2013.
Svartsyn plays dark, grim and misanthropic black metal. The music operates from mid-paced to fast and sinister tempos, featuring a dynamic melodic range injected into an overall feeling of obscurity and brutality. Originally formed as Chalice in 1991, and renamed to Svartsyn three years later, the band can be considered as a one man project led by Ornias. He sang and played all instruments on “In Death”, except for drums. Along its career, the band put out a number of albums celebrated in the underground black metal scene.

Country: Sweden
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. Seven Headed Snake
2. Dark Prophet
3. With Death
4. The White Mask
5. Wilderness of the Soul
6. Black Thrones of Death
7. Exile in Death

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